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    Sent on the 18th of December, 2012
    HSBC manipulating customer service reps try to persuade you into thinking everything is okay, when in-fact they can care less for you, or you're concerns! They will say and do anything to debunk the issue at hand from themselves, when they are clearly at fault! Guilty I tell you, Guilty as charge! For instance; I had a problem with my credit card being charged by a company by the name of "Great Funds," this company charge me $79.99 for a transaction that supposedly took place in May; however, my credit card was billed by this company 6months later. Now it's clear that this was an unauthorized charge because here in the "USA" our credit systems is set up on a 30 day cycle. I called HSBC three times to get this problem resolved and they said since the merchant agreed to provide me with a refund that they would give them a chance to do so. Now the problem with this is, the merchant didn't refund me, it's 60 days later I called HSBC and spoke to a representative name Kim (control number:K77405) I explained to Kim that this problem has been on going and I express my need to get it resolved; however, as I spoke with Kim I quickly realize I might as well be having a conversation with my gold fish because she was absolutely no help, things quickly broke down in our communication so I took a neutral route and asked Kim the representative of HSBC to connect me with her manager. Kim replied by saying she would but I would have to hold on, you wouldn't guess what happen next's, instead of Kim connecting me to her supervisor she connects me to "Great Funds" I said to myself that HSBC representatives has lost their minds. So I talked to the rep at "Great Funds" got the run around some more, then ended the conversation and called HSBC back and complained about Kim. I spoke to a manager finally and he said within 2 to 4 weeks I should be seeing a credit in the amount of $79.99 on my statement, and to notify him of any other concerns and he did apologize for any inconvenience I had with the transaction. I think I got a raw deal which some people do when using a credit card; however, I don't hold it against the company as a whole. HSBC (rep-Kim) should be looked at closely because her incompetence can show a lack of concern for her job and the needs of the customer. Customer service is the forefront of any company, or corporation and should remain in tact under all circumstances, or will be doom to fail no matter how large they appear to be. Anthony McClain
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