★ Poor 1 out of 5 one hundred seventeen months and sixteen days ago around 1 hour by Matinale

The Eagle's Nest Cafe supplies a local quick stop store in my office complex with fresh sandwiches, wraps, and salads made daily. What started out as a wonderful alternative to cafeteria food has turned out to be major disappointment. In recent months the food supplied by the Eagle's Nest has gone from bad to worse. Sandwiches have been prepared with stale bread, deli style roast beef is more like cardboard than meat. The wraps are now made with the pre-packaged salad instead of real lettuce and even include the big chunks or ends from a head of lettuce. The salads are still somewhat decent quality but it still doesn't make up for the poor quality of the rest of their products.

I admit I have never visited the Eagle's Nest Cafe so my review is based solely upon what they supply to local businesses, but if this is a reflection on their quality then I do think I ever will.

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