Crazy Good Burgers

3480 West AJ Hwy, Morristown TN

(423) 200-6895

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Crazy Good Burgers
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Awards: People's Choice Winner, 2016
Crazy Good Burgers

We are a mobile food truck, serving fresh-ground crazy good steak burgers and awesome fries. We strive to keep everything as local and fresh as possible. Check our Facebook page: to find out where we are and any specials we have for the day.

  • BLT with an egg!
  • Double with an egg!
Crazy Good Burger - The Original -
1/3 lb cooked to order ground steak, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, American cheese and Comeback Sauce
5.95Crazy Good Burger - The Original
Spicy Spicy -
1/3 lb cooked to order fresh-ground steak, chipotle mayo, lettuce, cheddar cheese, hot pepper relish, tomato, and sriracha
5.95Spicy Spicy
Shroom N Swiss -
1/3 lb cooked to order fresh-ground steak, mayo, tomato, sautéed mushrooms & onions and Swiss cheese!
5.95Shroom N Swiss
Smokehouse -
1/3 lb cooked to order fresh-ground steak, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, pickles, crack sauce and an onion ring (add bacon $1)
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Grilled Chicken Sandwich -
Pick a burger and make is a chicken sandwich. For those who want a different option. Same flavors, but with chicken.
4Grilled Chicken Sandwich
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Seasoned Fries -
Cooked to order and seasoned for awesomeness.
2.75 / 4
Crack Fries -
Crinkle cut fries seasoned and topped with our truck-made brown gravy, drizzled with Crack sauce.
4Crack Fries
Fried Okra -
Breaded and Deep Fried Okra. Served with Comeback Sauce.
Fried Okra
Spicy Cheese Tots -
Crispy Tots smothered with Spicy Cheese sauce and drizzled with homemade ranch
5Spicy Cheese Tots
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Fried Dough -
Deep Fried Dough tossed in powdered sugar and drizzled with Raspberry Sauce
5Fried Dough
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