★ Poor 1 out of 5 sixty four months and twenty nine days ago around 2AM by Pitaouk

My friend got married there and the ceremony was nice. But, the linens on almost every table were completely wrinkled as if they had been wadded up in a corner for a month. When I told the owner of the business this was her reply verbatim 'Is that the only thing you noticed? Doesn't the rest of the place look nice?'
Far be it from me to tell someone how to run a business. I asked her to have the linens ironed before the bride's big day. I was quickly dismissed and told that the she (the owner) will see what she can do and that she had someone on the other line. Wow.....needless to say all of the table cloths and chair covers that needed to be ironed, were never ironed. That was a shame. And I have pictures of them too.

The food, the bridal party were told, was not allowed to be catered by anyone else but the business owner. And after reading reviews on her website, it stated that she normally serves lunches to seniors. That should have been a clue right there. Everything was a frozen pile of food from either Sam's or Walmart. Dreadful. Frozen chicken fried steak, frozen green bean casserole, instant mashed potatoes, lumpy over salted gravy, and dried out rolls. The tea.....even the tea was instant. There was no choice to have tea with no sugar or lemon.

After the way the owner spoke to me about the decor problem, it is very clear that she does not expect greatness with this place, nor does care about her clients who are paying for top notch service and get over priced drinks with over priced frozen tv dinners for a meal at a formal party.

I will never refer anyone to this place. Don't get me started on the paint that desperately needed to be touched up ALL over the place. Or the flimsy strips of fabric that hide the storage for the tables and chairs in the ceremony room that move and expose the secrets they hide. Strips of fabric just cut, not even hemmed to hide frayed ends and threads hanging.


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